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Securing office space can be challenging at times and a ‘Fit Out’ can be a daunting process. As the post Covid office market evolves, there are new ways of working, and landlords are thinking creatively on how a space presents and want an occupier wants.

Traditional dense requirements are a thing of the past, and tenants are prioritising agile and flexible working along with employee wellbeing, ahead of other criteria such as location and cost. Businesses are rethinking their property portfolios as a reduced headcount in the office and increased remote working are here to stay.


A functional empty space complete with basic installations and mechanical & electrical services in place. There are no fixtures and fittings in situ as this would be covered under CAT B. A tenant can design their own fit out through space planning and submitted via licence for alterations.

CAT A + 

A new concept in the market but developing. A middle ground between CAT A and CAT B. Landlords are trying to make offices more attractive by carrying out some aspects of the fit out including a kitchen, meeting room and comms room.

CAT B fit out 

This space is fully fitted with elements including partitioning, joinery, meeting rooms, social space, workstations, kitchen, acoustic treatments, biophilia and power & data infrastructure. This will allow tenants to occupy space sooner and remove the requirement to deploy capital on fitting out. The other benefit is reducing the dilapidations liability upon lease expiry as there will be a requirement to repair and replace, rather than reinstate.

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